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10 Quotes From ABM Revealed To Make You Rethink Your Campaigns

Last week, the AMB Leadership Alliance hosted ABM Revealed: How to Align, Engage and Measure for B2B Success, a two-and-a-half-hour virtual “master class” designed to provide registrants with strategic takeaways to help them maximize their ABM achievements.

To help you decide which on-demand session to watch first, we’ve compiled 10 of the top quotes from the event.

“Same is lame, which is why ABM works so well. It breaks through the clutter. The more you try to fit in, the more your customers and prospects will tune out. So instead, what I’m asking you to do is give them a story to tell.” — Jay Baer, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Founder of Convince & Convert

“Embrace the journey. It’s got a lot of steps. It’s going to take quarters, years probably to become truly transformed by account-based. That’s OK. Embrace that journey, and don’t skip the steps.” — John Common, Founder and CEO, Intelligent Demand

“Professionals are spending 6.3 hours a day in their inbox. Rule #1 in marketing is to go where your audience is engaged. Should I do the math for you?” — Justin Keller, VP of Marketing, Sigstr

“With ABM, we’ve moved from a margarita glass to a champagne glass when it comes to our approach to marketing. In the old-school world, marketing would run as many demand gen programs as they could, get as many leads [and] names as they could, put them in the top of the funnel — or the top of the margarita glass … a very small percentage of those would actually flow through to close-won business. In an ABM world, it’s much more like the champagne glass. It’s a much narrower top of funnel because you’re focused on a very specific, discrete set of your accounts: your target account list.” — Jessica Fewless, VP of ABM Strategy, Demandbase

“It’s important for people at target accounts to engage with content for longer because if they are spending time on something, it means they are actually interested.” — Melissa Alonso, Director of Global Strategic Account Marketing, Qlik

“With [our] ABM campaign, this wasn’t something we conceived and put into market within a month or two. This was really a six-month to 12-month campaign. Part of the benefit of doing these longer, ABM campaigns is that you can always be optimizing. You don’t have to stick with what you have.” — Kevin Baldacci, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce

“We’ve got B2C companies like Pandora and Spotify and Netflix that are training us as consumers to be able to curate the content that we want to see, when we want to see it. So in some respects, we’ve become a little bit spoiled, which I love. But for B2B marketers, we’re having to catch up and say, ‘how do we actually get out ahead of this? How do we reach these people that could find value in our solutions, find value in our company? What can we bring to the table?’” — Marne Reed, Chief Evangelist & VP of Strategic Alliances, PFL

“You have to have content that’s highly personalized and engaging because it takes a lot of touchpoints to really get the engagement with the different members of the buying committee that you need in order to make ABM effective. Your content needs to be personalized at the account level. It needs to be measurable at the account level. And most importantly, variety here is the key. You need a wide variety of content formats and channels.” — Eli Snyder, Technology Strategy Director, Intelligent Demand

“I think what gets me most excited about the idea of events — whether it be the gathering that I host or other events that I attend — is that as we become increasingly social and digital, there’s something special about the human interaction, human connection, face-to-face, that you just can’t replicate via webinars, livestreaming, emails, video conference calls, etc. So, I think there’s something very intimate and almost sacred about doing things face-to-face on occasion.” — Chris Kneeland, Co-Founder and CEO, Cult Collective LP

“There’s bajillion of vendors out there, filling up our email inboxes with all these pitches for different technology that can solve all of our ABM problems and make our dreams come true. But for us, we needed to prioritize the right technology … We don’t have time to buy every technology on the market, so we decided to lean on key tools versus building up a huge tech stack and making huge investments in all these technology solutions that would be hard to prove ROI.” — Jenn Kloc, Senior Marketing Manager, Jellyvision

All of the sessions from ABM Revealed are now available on-demand. Click here to start binging and get your ABM programs in shape.