COVID-19 Update

DGR Dialogue: Direct Mail’s Role In The Hybrid Experience

As the B2B industry adapted to an almost fully virtual remote work model 16 months ago, a nasty rumor started to spread — direct mail was dead. At first glance, there seemed to be some truth to the rumors as people abandoned their offices for the refuge of their home. After all, if consumers were wiping down each individual grocery purchase with antibacterial solutions, how kindly would they take to unsolicited packages turning up at their homes?

According to the data (and social media accounts), recipients loved the sweet surprise. As prospects' desires for humanized marketing strategies and brand experiences continued to grow, direct mail campaigns offered a feeling of closeness in a world that was consumed by plexiglass dividers and social distancing guidelines.

In this episode of DGR Dialogue, Host Klaudia Tirico sits down with Marne Reed, PFL's Chief Evangelist of Brand Experiences, to dive into the role direct sending campaigns played throughout the pandemic, as well as the increased presence that's expected for the hybrid world.

Throughout the episode, the pair discuss a variety of topics revolving around direct mail, including:

  • The gaps in the digital experience and how sending campaigns fill them;
  • How to use tactile elements to create event FOMO (fear of missing out);
  • The opportunity to use mail strategies to increase engagement at virtual events;
  • The potential direct mail holds to turn prospects into brand advocates;
  • The increasing number of roles sending campaigns play in various marketing strategies; and
  • Case studies and real-life examples to inspire listeners.