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Watch Now: The Essential Components Of A Cross-Functional ABM Strategy


Last week, we published a video uncovering the biggest developments in ABM. This week, we’re sharing more ABM insights from Demand Gen Report’s Andrew Gaffney and Andrew Mahr, Chief Customer Officer at Triblio. Recorded live at #B2BMX as part of Triblio’s “Ask an ABM Expert” series, this conversation covers sales activation in a more nuanced way, and why it’s important for marketers to target segments with help from sales to win with an ABM strategy.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Which ABM approach works for startups;
  • How enterprise organizations can take advantage of ABM (hint: you DON’T have to rip out your demand gen infrastructure);
  • Why including SDRs in the ABM process is essential; and
  • Why an ABM strategy should involve more than just the marketing team.

If you already have an ABM strategy in place and you want to refine it and bring the sales team closer, or if you need to convince your head of sales to work more closely with you, this video has the essential tips to help you get started.