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Okta Elevates Lead Generation 126% With Conversion Optimization

Okta, an identity management service provider, was only converting 10% of its website traffic into leads. The company turned to Hushly, a conversion optimization software, to remedy the issue and generate more high-quality prospects.

The Challenge

Okta’s website features thought leadership white papers, case studies, webinars and more. But to access these resources, as well as live events and virtual training, visitors must complete a request form.

Lennard Fischer, VP of Global Demand Generation at Okta, discovered that roughly 10% of website traffic was being converted into leads, while the other 90% of visitors were abandoning landing pages without further action.

Of the converted traffic, only 0.47% were new-net contacts — half of which included non-business email addresses or false contact information. As a result, Fischer’s team needed to review and filter all new leads before sending them to SDRs.

The Solution

To address the company’s 90% abandonment rate and cultivate both a higher volume and higher quality leads, Fischer utilized Hushly’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solution, which is designed to reengage website visitors who are about to leave the webpage. The software was added to all of Okta’s landing pages.

When someone moves their mouse towards exiting a web page, Hushly presents a pop-up preview of the resource and prompts the person to watch the video or download the file. It also asks visitors for a verified business email address and LinkedIn profile. By doing so, Hushly aims to convert abandoning visitors into double opt-in leads and generate a verified and enhanced business profile for each person.

“Hushly focuses on getting web abandoners to give their business email in exchange for the [resource] offer,” Fischer said. “Then, Hushly enriches that business email with the additional contact elements you need to create a lead and pass it seamlessly to your marketing automation platform.”

The Result

By applying Hushly’s conversion optimization software to its landing pages, Okta created 126% more high-quality, net-new website leads from visitors who would have previously abandoned the page. As a result, 595 new leads were generated, which led to 293 influence opportunities and 34 closed deals.

“Hushly is an essential element of our martech stack,” said Fischer. “Not only do we convert abandoning visitors into more net-new leads, [but we also] receive human-verified, enriched business profiles. A seamless connection into our website and marketing automation makes things easy.”