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The Importance of Story Telling in Lead Nurturing

By Jeff Ogden, Author, How to Find New Customers

The first rule every marketer must embrace when they look at lead nurturing programs is this:

Companies don’t buy. People do.

Since we’re speaking to people rather than companies, one must engage on an emotional level. You need to build trust and confidence in your company and the very best way to connect in this manner is through the use of stories.

Jeff_Ogden_150wPeople react to stories on an emotional level and trust the companies they connect with. Think of some companies you respect today: perhaps Apple, BMW, Southwest Airlines, Singapore Air. In each case, do you think of the technicalities of the products? Or do you think of innovative designs: A driver’s car, friendly service and pure elegance? Those are companies that built a brand by telling stories.

There are no hard and fast rules for story telling. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be patient and gentle.  Don’t overdo it. Think outside the box. Don’t be afraid.

I cannot tell you what to write in your story. In fact, maybe you need to recruit differently or outsource it. But think of how you can engage your prospective buyers with stories and you’ll prosper.

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Jeff Ogden is the author of How to Find New Customers, a comprehensive white paper on BtoB Demand Generation. Jeff's presented Demand Generation at the CMO Thought Leadership Summit with the CMO of Level3 Communications and the EVP, Marketing of Acteva. His demand generation blog, Fearless Competitor, is syndicated by the CMO Club.