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Act-On Reports Record Q2; Adds 137 New Customers

Act-On_LogoAct-On Software, a provider of cloud-based integration marketing platforms, announced the close of a record Q2 2011, highlighted by revenue growth of 269% over the same period last year. The company also added 137 new customers in the quarter and achieved 49% quarter over revenue growth from Q1 2011. Act-On’s total customer count is currently 300, primarily SMBs. The Beaverton, OR-based company has grown its staff by more than 200% since its first round of funding in November 2010, according to Act-On CEO Raguu Raghavan’s, who told DemandGen Report the company was on pace to reach the 300-customer mark by the close of Q2 in June 2011, when Act-On closed $10 million in Series C Funding.

“We believe that prior to Act-On, marketers had been forced to run their organizations either completely by numbers and process - which is antithetical to the way most marketers think and work - or forgo the use of any integrated platform entirely - which makes closed loop campaign management virtually impossible,” said David Appelbaum, CMO of Act-On Software. “Our goal at Act-On from the very beginning has been to recognize marketing for the creative function it is by providing highly intuitive design and layout tools, while still providing a best-in-class email engine along with the critical metrics and analytics reporting marketers require to ensure excellence in campaign execution."

Built primarily to address issues around automated brand management, lead generation, reporting, analytics and metrics, Act-On’s integrated cloud-based platform is designed to enable marketers to creatively utilize graphical design tools for web forms, landing pages and emails. Marketers are able to launch campaigns and calculate metrics to define success through the use of Act-On’s email engine and tools for web site visitor tracking, lead scoring and lead nurturing, and one-click integration with web conferencing and CRM solutions. Additionally, the company offers Twitter Prospector, designed to enable marketers to use social media properties as a lead source and for reputation manager.