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Act-On To Enhance Customer Engagement With New Microsoft Solutions

1actonMarketing automation software provider Act-On Software has launched a new product bundle to complement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI and Microsoft Outlook. The company said the bundle will help front-office departments deliver more intelligent customer engagement at scale.

With the product bundle, Act-On customers will be able to run different types of marketing programs, such as inbound, outbound, account-based and social, the company said. When the software is integrated with Dynamics CRM, users can report on funnel velocity and revenue attribution, enabling them to analyze campaign performance. Both Act-On and Dynamics CRM have 500 joint customers, according to a release.

“Act-On for Microsoft is part of our ongoing commitment to the Microsoft ecosystem,” said Andy MacMillan, CEO of Act-On Software, in a statement. “When Act-On is integrated with Dynamics CRM, the benefit becomes greater than the sum of its parts. We see the future of marketing and sales engagement fueled by these two technologies — empowering companies to market better, sell smarter and service faster across the customer lifecycle.”

Act-On provides users with applications for Microsoft solutions, including:

  • A pre-built, native integration with Dynamics CRM, which enables closed-loop, account-based marketing and reporting, as well as orchestration of multichannel engagement throughout the customer lifecycle;
  • Act-On Data Studio, which integrates with Power BI, giving users the ability to push engagement data in the BI tool in order to see sales and marketing data in new ways; and
  • Act-On Anywhere, which integrates with Microsoft Outlook to help sales and support optimize interactions with customers. Users are able to access Act-On email templates within the mail app, add opt-in communications for behavioral tracking and receive alerts when prospects interact with emails.