COVID-19 Update

Attendify Launches New Platform For Virtual, Physical & Hybrid Events

Attendify, a SaaS event management provider, launched Attendify for Virtual Events, a new platform that aims to help marketers develop virtual and hybrid event experiences that engage with audiences on the same level as physical events.

Attendify for Virtual Events is designed to better position marketers to shift between virtual and in-person experiences, with features such as:

  • An intuitive interface that provides a singular community experience that allows attendees to network with each other;
  • Customization capabilities that allow organizers to plan events, invite attendees, manage speakers and manually adjust their event structures for both in-person and virtual experiences; and
  • Hybrid capabilities that enable attendees to connect with a community both inside and outside an event.

“Hybrid and virtual events must be every bit as valuable as in-person events,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO of Attendify, in a statement. “They must be immersive and allow attendees to network, learn and engage in a way that feels natural. These events are about leveraging technology in a strategic and meaningful way. Having already proven the value of our mobile platform, we knew we were uniquely positioned to redefine and create a positive and engaging event experience no matter the structure.”