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B2B Mobile Report: Automation Experts Share Strategies To Optimize Campaigns Via Mobile

Covershot-B2BMobileReportThe B2B buying cycle now hinges on a variety of digital touch points, creating both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers to leverage different channels to communicate and pique interest.

The staggering statistics around mobile in particular have become impossible to ignore. Neilsen recently reported that almost half (48%) of U.S. adults own a smartphone – including 66% penetration in the coveted 24 – 34 age range.

While many marketers have been scratching their heads to understand how to effectively leverage the mobile channel, experts advise it’s vital to develop strategies and tactics to optimize campaigns and succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

“Digital interaction, in terms of the actual buying cycle, is close to 2/3 or 66% through the education phase when they’re trying to understand the solution,” noted Matt Papertsian, Research Director, Demand Creation Strategies, SiriusDecisions. “C-level people are spending this much time digitally and half that time is being spent on a mobile, yet companies still don’t have web sites that are optimized for mobile delivery, they’re not using marketing automation platforms that are smarter, understand mobile delivery and can deliver content dynamically.”

This special DemandGen Report highlights the growing impact of mobile on B2B marketing, as well as industry insights from leading marketing automation experts. Additionally, the report offers 8 key strategies for integrating mobile into a demand generation strategy, including the most effective ways to bundle content for mobile, and how to combat the inability to use flash on an iPhone or iPad, to get your message delivered.

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