COVID-19 Update

Bigtincan Offers New Sales Enablement Courses During COVID-19 Crisis

  • Written by Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria, Managing Editor
  • Published in News Briefs

Bigtincan, an AI-powered sales enablement automation solution, has developed two new micro-courses to support sales professionals working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The community courses within the Bigtincan Zunos learning tool are designed to help customers manage just-in-time training, microlearning, internal communications and compliance.

The first course is called “Comprehensive Coronavirus Toolkit,” an online resource that connects to local and national health coverage, along with important information to help slow the spread of the virus. The second course, “Working Remotely,” provides helpful tips and resources for sales professionals making the adjustment from commuting to the office to working from home.

“We’re working alongside our customers to help flatten the COVID-19 curve and want to support them by providing resources that help make this possible,” said David Keane, CEO of Bigtincan, in a statement. “As such, these Bigtincan applications are designed to enable companies to address the training and communication challenges created by unprecedented numbers of employees working from their homes.”

Bigtincan customers will receive free access to Bigtincan Zunos from now until Dec. 31, 2020, including both courses as starting materials.