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Brainshark Launches Sales Enablement Portal

brainshark logoBrainshark, recently introduced the Brainshark Sales Enabalement Portal for sales teams to manage content in a single, searchable repository. As part of the Sales Enablement Suite, the portal is mobile-optimized to enable team members to find, filter and search for relevant sales, marketing and training materials, according to Brainshark officials.

With the Sales Enablement Portal, Brainshark users can now have:

  • Support for multiple content types;
  • Permission-based access;
  • Content search and navigation capability;
  • Featured content;
  • Personal organization and favorites; and
  • Landing page and content sharing.

“Sales enablement is a major priority for organizations today – helping to drive their businesses forward,” said Joe Gustafson, CEO of Brainshark. “Our new Sales Enablement Portal and product suite demonstrate Brainshark’s commitment to innovation and to helping our customers improve the bottom line.”