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BuzzSumo Launches Question Analyzer For Content Production

BuzzSumo, a social media analytics and curation platform for content marketers, unveiled a new feature within its content discovery and insights platform that is designed to help content marketers search for questions being asked about topics that align to their business. The tool, called Question Analyzer, positions users to identify pain points and questions that are relevant and contextual to their target audience to help fuel content production.

The company stated that the Question Analyzer crawls roughly 100,000 forums — such as Quora, Reddit and Amazon — and groups all the questions being asked pertaining to a topic or product. This insight can then be used to fuel content marketing efforts, identify areas to enhance product offerings and for general customer support. It also positions users as an authority in the space.

“At BuzzSumo we have always been of the view that the best content answers customer questions,” said Steve Rayson, Director at BuzzSumo, in a blog post detailing the announcement. “This is why our starting point for any content research is to understand the questions customers are asking. BuzzSumo’s new Question Analyzer is a fast and efficient way to search all the questions being asked about any topic across hundreds of thousands of forums and sites.”