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Contact Frequency Query

With Dan McDade, Pointclear

Q: What seems to be best practice for (contact frequency) how often you call or e-mail a cold contact?
Submitted by Thomas Burton, New Business Development Director, Virtela Communications

A: “We have documented that multi-touch, multi-media and multi-cycle campaigns are effective regardless of the type or size of company.  However, the touch cycle varies by company “firmographics” and level of decision maker.

 A touch strategy of five dials, three voice mails and three emails with just one cycle might be appropriate for lower ticket products or services and a lower level decision-maker, while it could take a total of 40 – 50 touches to reach the CFO of a large company about a complex solution (over a period of several months).  Counter-intuitively, the more senior the executive the more responsive they are to voicemails and emails (assuming they are effectively constructed and delivered).  The good news is that we come pretty close to designing the optimal touch cycle for any new project given the tens of thousands of touches we execute each month.”

Fielded by Dan McDade, the President & CEO of PointClear, a leading prospect development company, based in Atlanta, GA, which helps B2B companies fill their forecasts with qualified revenue opportunities.

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