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Market Experts To Discuss Inbound & Content Marketing Strategies During Webinar

Today’s B2B buyers are enabled not just by the web, but also by a proliferation of digital channels. These shifts enable buyers to take control of the buying process by researching online before speaking with a salesperson. Given this new approach, marketing is evolving from a one-way “push” model into…
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Infusionsoft Expands Solution Portfolio; Closes 3,000 New Customers in 2011

Infusionsoft, a provider of sales and marketing software for small businesses, recently announced record customer growth for 2011, as well as the addition of social functionality, to its product suite. Infusionsoft added and implemented more than 3,000 new customers, growing its revenue 50% year-over-year. The Gilbert, AZ-based company also expanded…
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Demand Generation Strategies for 2012: 5 Emerging Trends in B2B Marketing

The proliferation of devices and changes in media preferences is dictating the rapid evolution of marketing strategies. As organizations work to cater to today’s time-starved buyer, the new sales and marketing landscape is driven by a variety of technologies and tools. DemandGen Report polled leading experts in the demand generation…
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“Top 11 in 2011” – The Most Popular Articles Of The Year

As 2011 comes to a close, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your readership and support, and for being part of the DemandGen Report community. The marketing automation industry has seen steady development in 2011, as vendors across the board reported significant customer wins, venture funding…
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