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Executive Insights: Act-On CEO Highlights Emergence of “Small Marketing Teams

Act-On Software, a provider of integrated, cloud-based marketing platforms, reported a 400% year-over-year growth in Q3 2011, and passed the 500thcustomer mark with the addition of 164 new customers. Additionally, the Portland, OR-based company reported big plans to expand various components of its business model, including a greater international presence to serve the rapidly growing European market.

While players in the automation space have traditionally been segregated as serving enterprise level or small- to medium-size businesses (SMBs), Act-On is catering to a new market segment — the small marketing team, or SMT. The small marketing team may be part of a larger enterprise that requires specific treatment of campaigns and programs.

This new breed of marketing automation users has blurred the lines between enterprise-level and SMB organizations, providing vendors with the opportunity to capitalize on this growing need for operational efficiency.

DemandGen Report Editor Andrew Gaffney recently sat down with Raghu Raghavan, CEO of Act-On Software, for an in-depth discussion regarding current and developing marketing automation trends, as well as the company’s rapid growth in 2011.

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Funnelholic Q&A with Andrew Gaffney, Editor Of DemandGen Report

1.    What are the three trends you see emerging in 2009?
The first and most prominent would be more emphasis on lead nurturing as companies look to maximize their marketing investments. When the economy was still in a growth mode, it was easy for B2B marketers to keep paying for more new leads to feed the funnel. Now, as efficiency has become the rule of the day, companies realize they can’t afford to let valid contacts waste away in their database.

Full Interview Here.

Contact Frequency Query

With Dan McDade, Pointclear

Q: What seems to be best practice for (contact frequency) how often you call or e-mail a cold contact?
Submitted by Thomas Burton, New Business Development Director, Virtela Communications

A: “We have documented that multi-touch, multi-media and multi-cycle campaigns are effective regardless of the type or size of company.  However, the touch cycle varies by company “firmographics” and level of decision maker.

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