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Contentstack Launches New Marketplace To Accelerate Composable Digital Experiences

Contentstack, a content experience platform, released its Contentstack Marketplace, a hub for partners and customers designed to help clients adopt new functionality with lower investment and reduced risk.

With Contentstack Marketplace, integrations and extensions are pre-built and follow a no-code installation process. Developers can use Contentstack’s newly released design framework Venus and its library of prefab components to build solutions quickly and easily in the native Contentstack user experience.

“The monolith has shattered,” said Nishant Patel, Chief Technology Officer of Contentstack, in a statement. “The creation of this co-innovation platform facilitates the interoperability of composable digital experience stacks with Contentstack’s award-winning CMS at the core. Our Marketplace allows customers and partners to easily set up connectivity between adjacent technologies and share extensions and solutions across the Contentstack community, something that legacy will never allow them to do.”

The Marketplace and its apps are available to all Contentstack customers at no additional cost.