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Drift Launches Email Platform With Chatbot Messaging Capabilities

Drift, a conversational marketing platform, announced the launch of its email platform designed to help businesses turn email marketing into web traffic. The platform positions marketers to connect emails to their website, where chatbots offer personalized messages to visitors based on email engagement data.

With Drift Email for Marketing, the chatbots serve as personal assistants that can help qualify site visitors, assign appropriate sales representatives and schedule meetings.

Other features include: 

  • A Smart Audiences capability designed to simplify workflows for removing prospects from nurture streams;
  • A Dynamic Sending tool, which can help marketers send emails directly from the sales representatives assigned to an account; and
  • Intelligence on the amount of revenue, as well as how many conversations and sales meetings occurred because of each email sent.

“The best companies today are the ones that are willing to invest in one-to-one, personal conversations with customers,” David Cancel, CEO of Drift, in a statement. “We have completely re-engineered email to focus on conversations – not clicks – in order to deliver performance far beyond what anyone thought was possible with traditional email marketing.”