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Drift Looks To Break Into Video Marketing With Latest Release

Source: Drift Source: Drift

Drift, a conversational marketing platform, unveiled Drift Video, a new platform that aims to blend video and conversational marketing. The announcement was made at HYPERGROWTH London.

Drift Video is designed to simplify video marketing and better connect buyers and sellers. It is positioned to enable users to:

  • Easily record and share videos;
  • Get real-time notifications on their desktop and mobile devices when someone watches a video;
  • Start a conversation and say hello to prospects while they are watching the video; and
  • Control the privacy settings of each video, as well as ensure all data is safe and secure.

According to Drift Founder and CEO David Cancel, the company recognizes the growth of video marketing and has spent the last year creating Drift Video. The new platform is fueled by Drift’s Series C funding round in April 2018.

“In 2018, about 50% of all Drift revenue was influenced by video in the sales process, so we have seen the benefits of video first-hand,” said David Cancel, Founder and CEO of Drift, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “That’s why we’re thrilled to announce Drift Video. It’s the first product in the market to combine video technology and chat technology. Our beta customers like Zappi, Sigstr, Hired and have already seen amazing results.”