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eTrigue Integrates SugarCRM Into DemandCenter

Etrigue SugarCRM logosCloud-based marketing automation platform provider eTrigue has integrated SugarCRM into its DemandCenter solution. The integration is designed to provide visibility into a contact’s interest level by offering a full view of prospect and customer activity as they respond to emails, visit landing pages, download assets and participate in events.

The integration is immediately available to eTrigueDemandCenter users. Full interaction history is available for each prospect in SugarCRM, and is built to support effective engagement and convert new leads.

“SugarCRM and eTrigue both bring affordable, yet powerful capabilities to our customers,” said Jim Meyer, VP and General Manager of eTrigue. “Our seamless integration with SugarCRM now gives Sugar users access to powerful marketing automation capabilities without the complexity and high cost of most other marketing automation systems. Real-time lead alerts plus the unified view of contacts and prospects within Sugar substantially increase the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.”