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Eventible Launches New Platform For B2B Event Reviews

User feedback and B2B product reviews have quickly become a staple in the B2B buyer’s journey. Demand Gen Report’s own research has found that 30% of buyers turn to review sites as one of the first three resources when researching a purchase decision. Now, B2B professionals have access to a new platform that provides real, unbiased experiences of B2B events.

Introducing Eventible, a platform that ranks events, conferences, summits and expos across the world to provide insights into various event experiences and help organizations make informed decisions about which events to attend. The brand-new site launched this week with more than 1,500 attendee-speaker-sponsor-generated reviews across more than 75 events for B2B professionals in IT, HR, finance and marketing and sales functions.

“We are all living in a reviews economy, where consumers are used to rating each one of their experiences, be it at restaurants, hotels, airlines, healthcare facilities,” said Ankush Gupta, Founder of Eventible, in a statement. “Direct feedback has helped many businesses address customer issues in real-time and ensure engagement and retention with a quick response. There’s no reason why the $30 billion B2B events and conferences space will not benefit from such event reviews from different stakeholders like attendees, speakers and sponsors.”

Gupta founded Eventible after experiencing challenges gauging which virtual events he should attend during the 2020 pandemic. When he was unable to find legitimate peer feedback to guide him, he began to brainstorm an event reviews platform to help others make more informed decisions with their time and money.

With the launch of Eventible, the company intends to develop an expressive and objective community of professionals from various job roles in B2B who can guide each other toward the best and most relevant in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Within the platform, users and reviewers can:

  • Share in-depth and detailed reviews of their event experiences;
  • Bookmark events, and save one’s own and other attendee reviews;
  • Share reviews on their social channels; and
  • Leverage Eventible’s recommendation engine to match attendee preferences with upcoming events and get daily alerts.

In addition, the platform offers a “second-level check” to avoid favorable reviews from event organizers, as well as unfavorable ones for competitor events.

“Last year’s COVID pandemic and the adaptability of the events industry to serve their target groups only shows the need for a platform like Eventible, which is perfectly timed to help organizers enhance their offerings based on real feedback,” said Gupta. “The fact that the platform throws up scores that are completely objective ensures that the complete spectrum of users from attendees to organizers find value in it for their specific needs.”