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Evergage Releases New Data Warehouse Solution For Analysts

Source: Evergage Source: Evergage

Evergage, a personalization and customer data platform, launched the Evergage Data Warehouse solution, which is designed to give business analysts access to the company’s unified customer and prospect data for building and analyzing segments and monitoring campaign performance.

When used with a BI tool, the Evergage Data Warehouse is positioned to allow users to create and execute custom queries, as well as visualize and run analyses on the platform’s data to reflect every company’s needs and requirements.

With the solution, business analysts can:

  • Obtain customer and prospect data, including individual, behavioral, attribute, cross-channel interaction and third-party data;
  • Access catalog and transactional data;
  • Utilize the client’s BI tool of choice; and
  • Use the Evergage database to run queries to transform, report on and envision the information, identifying trends and patterns that reflect company-specific objectives.

“In addition to tracking and ingesting data and making all that information actionable, Evergage now makes it easy to perform customized queries and more detailed analyses,” said Karl Wirth, CEO of Evergage, in a statement. “Business analysts can examine all the rich information in the platform from any angle to drive better-targeted communications and campaigns and make better-informed business decisions.”