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G2 & ZoomInfo Integrate Intent Data Offerings

G2, a software marketplace, integrated its offerings with ZoomInfo, a go-to-market software, data and intelligence provider, to enable mutual intent data customers to better target, engage and convert in-market software buyers.

Through the partnership, G2 customers can access more than 300 attributes to build their ICP and overlay actionable insights — such as planned technology investments, personnel moves and website visitor behavior — to identify in-market companies. Sales representatives can then utilize ZoomInfo's contact information to prospect lists of decision-makers at high-intent accounts before beginning outreach. For ZoomInfo MarketingOS users, the integration can help them dynamically populate audience segments with G2 Buyer Intent data and trigger targeted display and social ads.

According to ZoomInfo and G2, predicted benefits for users include:

  • Prioritizing accounts and actively researching solutions and vendors;
  • Finding professional buyers and influencers with a high likelihood to engage;
  • Tailoring messaging to behavior;
  • Reducing churn risk by monitoring customer intent 24/7;
  • Building more effective ABM campaigns;
  • Optimizing spend and increasing ROAS; and
  • Personalizing ad content for buying behavior.

"In 2022, the B2B industry is taking a magnifying glass to software spend," said Godard Abel, CEO and Co-founder of G2, in a statement. "For sales and marketing teams vying for those budgets, getting in front of their ideal customers at the right time is as crucial as remaining omnipresent and extending market influence. It's no longer on the marketing or sales teams alone to make an impact on a purchasing decision. With an aligned strategy, teams can work together to be a consistent source of value for target audiences — capturing attention through personalized outreach to all members of a prospective buying committee."