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HG Insights Releases New Market Intelligence Product

HG Insights, a technology intelligence company, launched a new market intelligence product to help B2B companies better understand their markets. The solution is designed to deliver actionable insights that improve decision-making and increase go-to-market confidence.

HG Insights’ Market Intelligence was developed based on detailed insights from millions of verified technology installations worldwide. The data includes granular information on what technology products companies have installed, what they spend on their tech stack by product category and the contract terms associated with their IT purchases.

These data sets position users to gain customizable views of the entire installed technology ecosystem. Specifically:

  • Strategy teams are positioned to analyze their markets by technology solution, IT spend budget, region, industry and more, allowing them to find their best opportunities and allocate their resources more efficiently.
  • Product teams can prioritize their product initiatives by leveraging these insights on market trends and competitors to confirm the demand for their product and determine the size of their GTM opportunity.
  • Sales and marketing teams can use detailed account information to optimize sales territories, target the top accounts and enhance ABM programs with relevant messages.

“Business leaders need more than high-level market reports to make successful go-to-market decisions,” said Rana Kanaan, Executive VP of Product at HG Insights, in a statement. “With our actionable market intelligence offering, we are giving our customers the ability to customize their market views by the attributes they care about most and operationalize intelligence for their revenue teams. This allows them to allocate resources more effectively, prioritize the right product initiatives and give their sales and marketing teams the account details they need to pursue the best opportunities.”