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HubSpot Acquires PieSync To Gain Consistent View Of Customers Across Touchpoints

HubSpot has acquired PieSync, a real-time intelligent customer data synchronization platform. The acquisition aims to offer companies a more efficient way of managing multiple apps and assessing customer touchpoints.


PieSync is an iPaaS offering that provides a two-way sync of customer data that operates in the background, enabling companies to hold a consistent view of customers across various touchpoints. As data syncing becomes an emerging trend, HubSpot is becoming an early adopter as it makes PieSync its first acquisition since 2017.

"Two things are true in B2B marketing today. First, buyers expect a connected, coordinated customer journey. Second, marketers use a diverse stack of marketing and sales apps to deliver that journey,” said Scott Brinker, VP of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, in a statement to Demand Gen Report. “The key to aligning those two truths is easy, reliable synchronization of customer data across all the apps in your stack. With our acquisition of PieSync, HubSpot is making such synchronization accessible to businesses of all sizes and reaffirming our commitment to an open platform ecosystem."