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HubSpot Unveils New SEO App To Help Identify Relevant Content Topics

HubSpot announced it has launched a new tool designed to help content marketers identify and validate topics that align with their prospects’ search and buying habits.

The solution, called HubSpot Content Strategy, leverages a new topic-based model on creating content that meets SEO objectives, as well as positions marketers to drive more traffic.

The company stated that the tool can also help marketers:

  • Optimize existing content and build clusters that help increase authority and organic traffic;
  • Serve search engines better information and content; and
  • Track content engagement (views and clicks), as well as the contacts and customers being generated by each topic cluster, to identify points of interest for prospective buyers.

“Many marketers are still using the same old tactics that worked a decade ago, but now only serve to clog up search results with irrelevant content and keep teams from hitting their goals,” said Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot, in a statement. “Content Strategy was born out of our own realization that the way we approach SEO had to change. By combining machine learning and hard data, Content Strategy empowers marketers to deliver better results and more traffic with more high-quality, targeted content.”