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Influ2 Unveils New Audience Discovery Capabilities

Influ2, a B2B person-based marketing platform, unveiled Audience Discovery, a new feature designed to uncover target accounts based on a user’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and add the account to the user’s sales pipeline.

The new capability is designed to help Influ2 users operationalize their intent data for increased visibility into their marketing reach and flexibility while adapting to changes in their sales pipeline to ensure business and campaign goals are met. Users can track existing account engagement while building new audiences with accounts that match their ICP.

“We’re excited to launch Audience Discovery because any successful B2B marketing strategy is based on having a true understanding of who you're going after, while also discovering new prospective accounts,” said Dmitri Lisitski, CEO and Co-founder of Influ2, in a statement. “It’s so fundamental to a marketer's success, and now with this new tool, marketers will be able to expand their audiences based on their ICP and find the audiences that they want while also launching stronger nurture campaigns that will further engage with the accounts and buying groups that they’ve already reached out to.”