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  • Published in News Briefs unveiled Neuralytics, a predictive analytics platform designed to analyze response times, lead sources, list demographics, personality types, offer types, message media and a host of other data points to optimize results.

In a meeting with press and analysts at Dreamforce, CEO and Founder Dave Elkington explained that traditional lead scoring systems did not take into account the “contactability” of leads. He explained that when scoring a prospect, Neuralytics considers a number of external factors, including day of the week, time of the day and weather. The system also considers the ways a lead has interacted with the company in the past in considering the most effective contact method. “People are very fickle animals, and as a marketer and a sales person, you really have to optimize how you interact with every lead.”

The three components of Neuralytics are:

  • NeuralScore, which scores leads based on how likely they are to close, using dozens of unique inputs derived from interaction history, lead attributes and other external signals;
  • NeuralSort, which enables sales reps to work the most contactable leads first, with hourly updates; and
  • NeuralNotify, which is an adaptive gamification uses sales motivation index to measure individual triggers and create targeted motivational messaging and metrics.

Elkington called Big Data as baseball equivalent of Moneyball. “The movie Moneyball depicts how data transformed baseball,” Elkington said. “We are transforming the world of sales by statistically analyzing data.”