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InsideView Adds Database Accuracy and Campaign Tracking Products

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InsideView logoInsideView has expanded its InsideView for Marketing solution with two new products, the company announced at Dreamforce. InsideView Clean is designed to update any existing marketing database with accurate and complete company and contact information. InsideView Target is aimed at providing highly targeted segmentation and list building based on company and contact data, key business events, social insights, or professional connections.

InsideView for Marketing is a set of integrated solutions that enable marketers to build and maintain a clean database, enrich new leads in real-time and run targeted campaigns that produce more qualified leads and achieve greater marketing ROI.

InsideView Clean features include:

  • Evaluate – view comprehensive reports on current database health;
  • Cleanse – standardize, de-duplicate, validate, and update data:
  • Append – add missing company and contact data to complete records; and
  • Implement – leverage InsideView data experts to put the right data in place within CRM.

InsideView Target provides:

  • Standard filters to target based on firmographics and demographics;
  • Advanced filters, including 18 pre-loaded business events and custom keyword triggers;
  • Company and contact watchlists to follow prospects and engage based on key business and social insights;
  • Saved searched profiles to enable segmentation strategies to be repeated; and
  • Target lists that can be exported to CRM and marketing automation system.

“Clean, accurate and complete data is instrumental to effective marketing campaigns––yet it has been one of marketing’s biggest challenges” said Brian Kelly, CMO of InsideView. “Marketers have become accustomed to working with bad data, which has a significant negative impact on campaign performance. InsideView data is proven to be up to 20% more accurate than traditional data sources.  Marketers that switch to InsideView data commonly find an immediate lift in marketing results.  It’s simple, with more accurate data, marketing delivers more, higher quality leads, faster.”