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LeanData Releases New Analytics Tool

LeanData launched LeanData Engagement, a new analytics offering designed to leverage the company’s Lead-to-Account Matching technology to help marketers achieve greater alignment and synergy with sales teams to improve conversion rates, increase pipeline and maximize ROI.

LeanData Engagement aims to provide marketing and sales teams with a holistic understanding of engagement by using a specific set of metrics to understand the activity and behavior of potential buyers. The tool is also designed to identify the user’s most valuable accounts and discover which accounts need more engagement. By automating this process from within Salesforce CRM, the solution allows users to connect relevant accounts within the CRM to any relevant sales and marketing engagement data, according to the company.

“Especially during times of economic uncertainly, it’s critically important to understand how your customers and prospects are engaging with your company,” said Hendrick Lee, SVP of Product at LeanData, in a statement. “With LeanData Engagement, the interactions of every buyer are automatically connected to the right accounts in CRM, thus unlocking truly holistic account-based marketing analytics. Engagement is an important addition to LeanData’s revenue operations product family, which exists to help companies unlock greater revenue growth, increase performance and improve customer experience across the buyer journey.”