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Madison Logic Launches ML Platform V3 With Journey Acceleration Measurement Capabilities

Global ABM platform Madison Logic launched the third version of its ML platform, which features new Journey Acceleration Measurement capabilities to enable full-funnel performance visibility and more accurate pipeline impact reporting.

The Journey Acceleration Measurement capability is designed to enhance reporting of real-time, multi-channel digital ABM engagement to provide insights for marketing and sales teams in all stages of the buyer’s journey. Marketers can also directly measure their ABM engagement and campaign performance to see how it impacts their pipeline and revenue.

Additional functions include:

  • Key metrics on content engagement, digital research activity and installed technologies that can be shared between marketing and sales;
  • Seamless integration with Salesforce; and
  • Validation of value, volume and velocity of pipeline and revenue.

“The full-funnel visibility unlocked in ML Platform with Journey Acceleration Measurement gives B2B marketers what is most important for driving growth: Insights and data around the volume delivered by campaigns, pipeline conversion velocity, along with the intrinsic value of revenue influence and ROI – all in one place,” said Tom O’Regan, CEO, Madison Logic, in a statement.