COVID-19 Update

MRP Unveils Intent Trends Report

MRP Prelytix, the enterprise predictive ABM platform, released the first of a series of reports detailing major development trends in various technology ecosystems. The “COVID-19 Working from Home — Intent Trends Report— Intent Trends Report” details how the surge in remote working has impacted the virtual office, Unified Communications (UCaaS) and video conferencing markets in face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report explores findings and analyses such as:

  • How work-from-home policies will adapt in the future, perhaps growing as much as 400% in the U.S. and doubling in Europe;
  • A 480% average lift in interest in video conferencing solutions from February to March 2020 across geographies and market segments; and
  • The interest in virtual-office and UCaaS solutions across all firm size segments has grown dramatically from February to March, with a 135% increase across all topics of intent.

"It’s easy for marketers to draw on intent simply as a tactical method of identifying sales leads, rather than an integral part of the strategic prioritization and planning process," said Pierre Custeau, SVP of Product at MRP, in a statement. "This report is a great example of how external data can become immediately actionable for marketers in responding to the major drivers, restraints, challenges and lucrative opportunities impacting the growth of the market."