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New Releases and Partnerships In Predictive Aim To Elevate Lead Targeting

1predictiveThe rise in predictive marketing capabilities continued its upward climb this week, with many key players launching solutions and announcing partnerships to help marketing and sales gain highly-targeted leads.

Predictive marketing and sales applications provider Lattice Engines has launched a new enterprise-grade marketing platform, which features real-time contact and account scoring. The Lattice Predictive Insight Platform aims to enable marketers to create predictive segments and models based on data for both traditional and account-based marketing (ABM) programs.

The platform is designed to help marketing teams transform data into actionable insights by combining more than 30,000 different signals from 150 million companies and 250 million contacts from the Lattice Data Cloud with self-service predictive analytics.

Other key features include:

  • A real-time scoring engine, which enables the prioritization of accounts along two dimensions — account fit and behavior — simultaneously;
  • Predictive nurturing and prospecting to enhance marketing automation and CRM with firmographic and technographic data about target accounts; and
  • A new 360-degree view of leads and target accounts, including purchase history and buying intent.

“With this platform, marketing and sales teams can discover all relevant external and internal data on a potential customer in one place, so they can work together more closely to quickly close deals and drive revenue,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines, in an interview with Demand Gen Report.

The platform is available through native apps for all major platforms, and  is both ISO27001 and Truste certified, which Upadhyay noted is “a level of security that has never been previously achieved in this industry.”

Infer, a predictive sales and marketing platform, also launched a sales and account intelligence application currently available as a Salesforce plugin. The solution, called Infer Glance, is designed to highlight key prospect attributes and analytics from the company’s predictive models directly within the user’s CRM or marketing automation interface.

“Infer Glance brings true value to predictive analytics by helping businesses successfully adopt predictive scoring into their everyday sales and marketing workflows,” said Sean Zinsmeister, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Infer, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “Our actionable insight into the key signals behind a model makes it easier to build trust with sales reps.”

Infer Glance also aims to help sales identify the most relevant positive and negative prospect signals. It enables reps to share feedback to increase sales adoption and improve the accuracy, efficacy and performance of a predictive model over time.

“We’ve taken this a step further by giving sales more control with a mechanism to deliver feedback when they feel a score is off or data is incorrect,” Zinsmeister added. “The best predictive sales and marketing practitioners know that this delicate balance of human touch and automation is key to increasing sales productivity and marketing effectiveness.” 

New Partnerships Look To Take Predictive To The Next Level 

Predictive marketing solution provider SalesPredict has partnered with TechnologyAdvice, a B2B demand generation service provider. The partnership will allow TechnologyAdvice to use SalesPredict’s scoring models to offer its customers highly-targeted, predictively-scored leads based on the customer’s specific sales conversion history. Marketers will have the opportunity to purchase the leads from TechnologyAdvice on a CPL basis.

“Using SalesPredict’s powerful predictive scoring technology, we are now able to provide our customers with net-new, laser-targeted leads that are 2x to 4x more likely to buy from them,” said Daniel Percey, CRO of TechnologyAdvice, in a statement. “It also opens up a new opportunity for us to tailor our offerings for different marketing needs and budgets. We can provide customers with premium 'A' leads, or a mix of leads with different predictive scores.”

Additionally, Mintigo and Madison Logic have teamed up to create a predictive ABM solution. The partnership will integrate Mintigo’s data pool and Madison Logic’s data intelligence technology. The partnership is designed to help marketers determine targeted account lists using Mintigo’s predictive platform and execute larger-scale digital campaigns with Madison Logic.

“Having the most relevant data is crucial, but it means nothing if it’s not used correctly,” said John Bara, President and CMO of Mintigo, in a statement. “Madison Logic’s campaigns are the most intelligent in the industry. We’re excited to partner with them to create an even better solution for our clients.”