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New Research: Despite Rising Revenue, 66% Of Sales Leaders Say Their Company Needs A ‘Major Redesign’

Source: Miller Heiman Group Source: Miller Heiman Group

Average revenue attainment rates among sales leaders grew from 89% to 94%, according to new research from Miller Heiman Group. However, the study shows serious gaps in the sales process, as well as a lack of marketing alignment.

The study, which surveyed 900 sales leaders from across the globe, found that 66% said their organization needs improvements or a major redesign in how they capture new business. According to the study, only 34% have a formal process between marketing and sales for nurturing prospects and handing them off between departments. In addition, less than one-third (30%) said they have a common definition for leads.

To improve alignment and drive success in 2019, sales leaders outlined four top priorities for the year, including better lead generation, improving win rates, capturing new accounts and expanding relationships in existing accounts.

“Even though the objectives of sales leaders haven’t changed… It’s a mistake to assume their sales organizations have a permanent set of customers or a permanent suite of sales technology and resources,” said Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research Officer of CSO Insights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, in a statement. “In an age of ceaseless change, sales performance improvements are a continual quest that should remain a constant priority for sales leaders. This is why it’s so critical to assess performance year-over-year to gauge opportunity for improvement.”