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Subscribe Launches OtterPilot For Sales

Tada Images – Tada Images –, a meeting transcription, summarization and collaboration tool, released OtterPilot for Sales, an AI assistant designed to help sales reps close more deals and assist leaders with coaching at scale.

OtterPilot for Sales automatically transcribes sales calls and extracts sales insights, such as next steps, action items, pain points, objections and more. It then syncs these insights directly into CRM and productivity tools — including Salesforce and HubSpot — for live insights into calls. Additionally, the AI solution can centrally organize all customer calls in one channel.

"We know that a thriving sales team is key to a successful business," said Sam Liang, Co-founder and CEO of, in a statement. “We’ve listened to sales teams, specifically reps and their coaches, and built OtterPilot for Sales to solve their biggest challenges around time, streamlining communication and capturing actionable insight so they can spend more of their time doing what they do best: Closing deals and increasing revenue.”