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PathFactory And Sigstr Partner To Deliver Enhanced Email Marketing Insights

Source: PathFactory Source: PathFactory

PathFactory, a content insight and activation platform, announced a new integration with Sigstr, an email marketing platform, that aims to provide marketing teams with greater visibility into which email senders, banners and content offers generate the highest engagement.

The integration positions users to link Sigstr email signatures to PathFactory content tracks, so they can identify who clicked on an email signature banner and track content consumption. Using these insights, marketers are positioned to optimize their email signature campaigns and content offers, while sales can identify highly engaged prospects.

“We’re excited to partner with Sigstr on this integration because it gives marketers new capabilities for personalizing email signature marketing like they do other channels and better data about how prospective buyers and customers are engaging with their email signatures,” said Mark Opauszky, CEO of PathFactory, in a statement.