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Return Path Unveils New Products Aiming To Boost Email Deliverability

Return Path, an email data solutions provider, released new tools designed to help marketers improve email deliverability and management.

The Universal Feedback Loop aims to notify marketers when one of their emails is marked as spam by a subscriber. The tool is designed to provide a central location where marketers can manage subscriber feedback loops from up to 17 different mailbox providers.

The company also released Return Path Blocklist, which is positioned to collect IP addresses that have been flagged for spam-like activity. Marketers can then use the tool to identify whether any of their IP addresses have been blacklisted.

"Most marketers struggle to recognize the underlying cause of deliverability issues, and that lack of visibility can mean the difference between success and failure of an email program," said Scott Ziegler, VP of Product Management at Return Path, in a statement. "Tools like the new Universal Feedback Loop and Return Path Blocklist [are designed to] help marketers take control of their deliverability and enhance email effectiveness — without putting a strain on budgetary resources."