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Salesforce Looks To Break Into CDP Market With Upcoming Release

Source: Salesforce Source: Salesforce

Salesforce announced plans to launch a customer data platform (CDP) that combines insight and engagement capabilities in a single, enterprise-level solution.

The company said the CDP will build on Salesforce Customer 360, which is designed to connect and resolve customer data. The CDP aims to take this one step further by enabling users to create and store a unified profile of buyers using data collected with consent across multiple touchpoints, including the point-of-sale, e-commerce, website and mobile app. More details on the CDP are expected to be released at Salesforce’s Connections conference, held June 17-19 in Chicago.

“Each year marketing gets more complicated and customer data fragments… Meanwhile, the marketer's basic need to understand her customer and deliver better one-to-one engagement remains as strong as ever,” said Bob Stutz, CEO, Marketing Cloud and Chief Analytics Officer at Salesforce, in a blog post. “We are always listening to our customers [and] we believe the time is right for a dedicated solution designed to help them manage their customer data better.”