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Sitecore Launches Experience Edge Tool To Improve SaaS Offering

Sitecore, a customer experience management company, has unveiled Sitecore Experience Edge to expand its SaaS capabilities, aiming to help marketers create digital experiences that engage customer touchpoints at scale while increasing revenue opportunities.

The Experience Edge tool aims to provide users with flexible options for delivering digital experiences that drive demand, giving brands a custom framework of how to best market their content at key customer touchpoints. Marketers are also positioned to deliver pre-rendered digital experiences to their preferred channels or devices without friction.

The tool will be available in two Sitecore products:

  • Sitecore Content Hub: This integration will allow marketers to publish content that drives demand to any channel, while simultaneously assisting with digital experience modeling, planning and collaboration.
  • Sitecore Experience Manager: This integration allows its users to leverage a delivery platform for content scaling, providing users with the ability to control presentation and experience composition and resolve issues with content deployment, infrastructure and scaling.

“Sitecore Experience Edge provides customers additional ways to deliver superior experiences, enable options for JAMstack architecture across Sitecore XM and Content Hub and empower development teams with exceedingly flexible solutions and a modern framework,” said Tom De Ridder, CTO of Sitecore, in a statement. “Now more than ever, our customers need flexibility and speed. Flexibility in how they serve up content quickly to meet their customers’ ever-demanding needs, and speed to keep their customers engaged and revenue coming in.”