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Speedeon Launches AudienceMaker, A New Strategic Growth Platform

Speedeon, a direct marketing and data agency, launched a new platform called AudienceMaker during the CommerceNext conference in NYC. AudienceMaker is a strategic growth platform that was designed to help brands increase their marketing ROI and democratize data accessibility across business functions.

AudienceMaker aims to help marketers reach the right consumers where they are with the right message and at the right time. It was made to help marketing professionals, sales leaders and CEOs conduct custom analytics, create models, build audiences, activate marketing strategies and measure results all within one interface. Specifically, Speedeon’s AudienceMaker enables users to:

  • Leverage offline and online data to build omnichannel data-driven marketing campaigns;
  • Create custom segments and build trigger-automated campaigns;
  • Analyze the customer journey using rule-based logic;
  • Improve data hygiene to reach consumers, wherever they are, from the mailbox to the inbox;
  • Optimize insights and leverage data at the forefront of business decisions; and
  • Only pay for the data they need.

“Speedeon is about being three years ahead of the competition when it comes to helping our partners get a better ROI from their marketing,” said Gerard Daher, CEO of Speedeon, in a statement. “In this case, AudienceMaker might be more like five years ahead of its time! We are striving to make access to your data easier and increase your ROI, it’s that simple. AudienceMaker is guaranteed to increase retention, decrease churn and drive growth across your business.”