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SugarCRM Debuts Facebook Leads Integration

SugarCRM has released Facebook Leads Integration to enable automation between Facebook’s Lead Ads offering and customers. The integration will allow customers to connect with their preferred ads and offers, while making it easy for businesses to receive leads in real time, according to the company. 

Facebook Leads Integration is designed to streamline the sign-up process for users by automatically generating contact information — such as email addresses and phone numbers — submitted by people via social networks, SugarCRM said.

The integration also enables users to directly important leads generated via Facebook advertising into their CRM instead of being shared in a CSV file, according to the company. This will also allow companies to find new prospects on Facebook that match their ideal customer profile and target them through the Lead Ads format.

Additionally, SugarCRM stated that the technology will enable companies to customize Lead Ad forms with open and multiple choice questions in order for them to receive relevant information from users.