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SugarCRM Launches Relationship Intelligence Product

  • Written by Matthew Halchak
  • Published in News Briefs

1aHintCRM solutions provider SugarCRM has launched “Hint,” the debut product from the company’s Relationship Intelligence product line, which is designed to help build better relationships with accurate buyer and account insights.

Hint positions users to automatically search, input and enrich personal and corporate profile data for business contacts. The software enables users to gather and analyze customer intelligence from a wide range of social data sources in an effort to better identify prospective business partners.


“With Hint, we are flipping the enterprise data model to that of the consumer world, changing the ratio of CRM information to be orders of magnitude more than the information provided by, and contained within the enterprise,” said Rich Green, Chief Product Officers at SugarCRM, in a statement. This concept is the foundation of our new Relationship Intelligence product line and is leading the natural evolution of CRM, moving it from being a record of what has already happened to a customer-facing employee’s guide to the future.”

The company stated that its Relationship Intelligence line is expected to incorporate predictive analytics and machine learning techniques in future product announcements.