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Terminus Launches New Integration To Accelerate Account Targeting Across Partnership Channels

Terminus, an account-based engagement platform, integrated with Crossbeam, a partner ecosystem platform, to help simplify joint-marketing efforts, increase engagement across shared accounts and prospects and streamline the partner experience for marketers.

The partnership seeks to enhance marketers’ multichannel ABM strategies with improved account targeting, personalization and reporting. Key benefits include:

  • Identifying overlap with accounts and targeting those accounts with personalized marketing outreach;
  • Increasing pipeline velocity by effectively engaging shared accounts at every interaction, including ads, web page personalization, chatbots and more; and
  • Leveraging insights and reporting to manage accounts at different stages of the funnel and easily report on marketing efficacy and ROI.

“Partnerships are powerful, yet largely untapped, channels to drive engagement among shared accounts,” said Jon Shoff, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Terminus, in a statement. “By leveraging our API capabilities, this integration enables go-to-market teams to effectively launch and scale ABM campaigns targeted at these accounts and report on their performance throughout the funnel. We’ve made it really easy for marketers to harness the partner channel – this level of visibility into partner data is truly a game-changer for how Terminus customers source opportunities and impact revenue outcomes.”