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TreeHouse Interactive Adds Tools For Lead Nurturing, Qualification

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Treehouse Interactive LogoTreeHouse Interactive
announced enhancements to the Content Marketing Manager module of its Marketing View marketing automation platform. The update is designed to provide marketing professionals with the tools for faster and more efficient creation of nurturing campaigns and improve the lead qualification process.

“Interaction with prospective buyers through the delivery of meaningful content, at the right time in the buying cycle, is key to nurturing and ultimately converting prospects into sales,” said Erich Flynn, CEO of TreeHouse Interactive, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “What is important in this update is the ability to nurture by category and establish complex associations for lead nurturing.”

The new Marketing View Content Marketing Manager is designed to help marketers:

  • Better understand the impact of content marketing PPC, SEO, and social media campaigns through improved conversion intelligence;
  • Clarify prospective buyer profiles by combining or segmenting download behavior and other behaviors;
  • Build campaigns based on information categories (e.g., by vertical markets or solution types) that are being downloaded, as well as what is being downloaded at specific stages in the buying process; and
  • Reduce barriers to download with one-time landing page registration, for unlimited downloads.