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Zuant Launches In-App Tool Designed To Streamline Post-Event Lead Follow-Up

Screen Shot 2020 03 16 at 1.37.08 PMMobile lead capture solution provider Zuant announced an application designed to ensure leads from events receive timely follow-up and nurturing. Zuant’s Lead Follow-up aims to automate and streamline the process of engaging with leads post-show to improve ROI.

Failure to follow up on leads after an event can be due to a number of issues, including disparate systems, lack of lead ownership between marketing and sales, and complicated or incomplete processes for handling leads, according to Zuant Founder and CEO Peter Gillett.

The solution aims to transform the event lead lifecycle to encourage salespeople to take quick action. Lead Follow-up is integrated into the Zuant app with the intent of providing a seamless flow of data and a structured post-show process. Sales reps are assigned to leads captured, prompting the auto-distribution of email notifications containing key lead details. Designed to help close the loop, this data is fed into the system for key client personnel to access for reporting, performance tracking and exporting.