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News Briefs

This section offers breaking news coverage of the B2B space. These concise news articles are designed to provide marketers with quick, concise information about major happenings in the industry that will impact their jobs.

Clearbit Releases Beta Version Of ChatGPT Plugin

Quick Scoop: Clearbit launched the beta version of its ChatGPT plugin. Through the plugin, users can ask ChatGPT to identify website visitor data for high-fit accounts and uncover lookalike companies. Additionally, the plugin can identify specific contacts and draft highly personalized emails.

Wistia Launches New Video Editing Features

Quick Scoop: Wistia upgraded its platform with new editing features and seamless video recording capabilities. The new offerings will now enable businesses to record, edit, host, market and measure their video content on one platform. Additional functions were also added to allow marketers to edit down and repurpose webinar recordings…

Digitalzone Announces Expansion, New Hires & Fresh Brand Focus

Quick Scoop: Digitalzone expanded its demand generation solution footprint in the U.S. and EMEA The company hired Eboni Ryan as Head of Global Marketing, Paul Noonan as Vice President of U.S. Sales and Victoria Tinsdale as Senior Director of EMEA Sales. Digitalzone also revealed a new brand identity with an…

SyncWords Presents AI Live Dubbing

Quick Scoop: SyncWords opened early access to its AI Live Dubbing feature. The new solution seeks to translate a speaker in a virtual or hybrid event with live voice-over in one or more languages.
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