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Solution Spotlight

This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

Lockr's AIM Seeks To Help Business Manage Online Identities

Lockr is an adtech-friendly single-sign-on (SSO) platform that seeks to help consumers manage their online identities. Lockr’s B2B offering — Identity lockr —seeks to enable seamless identity management in a privacy-compliant, consumer-first manner.

Glassbox Insights Assistant Seeks To Uncover & Simplify In-Depth Digital Insights

Glassbox’s digital experience intelligence platform was created to automatically capture, visualize and analyze every digital journey in real time across websites and mobile apps. It serves as the unifying platform for product, UX, marketing, IT, analytics teams and more to assess performance, prioritize projects and optimize experiences. With data privacy…

Vendelux Aims To Streamline Event Marketing With AI-Powered Intelligence Platform

Vendelux is an AI-powered event intelligence platform designed for event marketers and event organizers. The platform hosts more than 160,000 global B2B events, providing users with powerful data-driven insights and an array of tools to optimize their event marketing budgets and ROI. Founded in 2021 by Alex Reynolds and Stefan…
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