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Brainshark Launches Coaching Solution For Sales Productivity

brainshark SS imageBrainshark for Coaching is designed to help sales managers hone their reps’ knowledge and skills quickly and easily — enabling reps to perfect their pitches, increase productivity and close more deals. It is available as a standalone solution or integrated with Brainshark’s sales enablement platform, Brainshark Sales Accelerator.


With Brainshark for Coaching, managers are able to initiate individual or team-wide challenges, such as asking reps to deliver a presentation, show a demo or rehearse sales messaging. In response, reps can perform the required activity on video and send it through the system to their manager, who will review their performance and provide feedback and ratings for each key aspect of the recording.

Other features include:

  • Leaderboards that provide team-wide access to reps’ challenge responses, serving as a motivational tool and enabling reps to learn from their peers;
  • Peer collaboration that enables sales team members to provide real-time feedback on peers’ responses. Management also can see which team members are frequently collaborating/contributing to team success; and
  • Integrated access to E-Learning content that provides best practices for reps and managers.


The solution can be used across industries by sales teams, with sales management and sales reps being the primary users.


Brainshark for Coaching can be accessed by sales managers and reps from within the Brainshark platform directly or via seamless login from Salesforce.


Brainshark for Coaching is sold on a per user/per month basis. The starting fee is $15/user/month.


Brainshark solutions are used by thousands of companies in technology, financial services, insurance and healthcare industries, including more than half of the Fortune 100. Current clients include Avention, Inc., Gainsight, Logi Analytics and Veracode.


Brainshark for Coaching helps empower companies to grow business and sales productivity. It’s easy for managers to provide valuable reinforcement and regular feedback to help reps master pitches, presentations and demos, and maximize revenue potential.


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