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BrandMaker Launches Customer Engagement Cloud For Tailored Content

BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud is a combination of marketing software, methodology and best practices designed to maximize the effectiveness of lead generation/marketing communications efforts by aligning prospects with the right content, at the right time to create qualified leads.


The Customer Engagement Cloud enables marketers to understand and analyze how prospects are reacting to marketing content, and tailors content to each audience and channel based on their needs and progress in the customer journey.

Marketing receives personalized lead reports detailing prospects’ engagement with sales and marketing material, which includes critical information such as:

  • Time spent on individual content;
  • Details on who content is shared with;
  • Customer profiles; and
  • Additional content recommendations.


BrandMaker serves senior marketing and sales decision makers that are typically faced with long and complex marketing sales cycles in key industries, including enterprise software, manufacturing, professional and financial services, as well as pharmaceutical.


Providing standard APIs, BrandMaker solutions integrate with any kind of adjacent and relevant solution, be it ERP or financial systems, sales systems, marketing automation or business intelligence/analytical systems. The solution also integrates with all relevant online services and platforms to enable social communications, KPI and data tracking and aggregation, as well as report such data into follow-up systems such as data warehouse solutions.


The Customer Engagement Cloud is a SaaS solution and is priced based on the number of users.


Companies such as HSH Nordbank have successfully adopted BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud.


Unlike traditional marketing solution providers, BrandMaker effectively aligns marketing and sales. The solution is designed to improve the connection between marketing operations and lead management. 


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