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Callidus Acquires LeadFormix To Add Marketing Automation To Cloud Platform

Callidus Software Inc.
a provider of sales effectiveness and cloud computing solutions, today announced its acquisition LeadFormix, a marketing automation and lead management vendor. The company acquired LeadFormix for approximately $9 million in cash, subject to final adjustments as set forth in the Agreement, according to a company press release.

Silicon Valley-based LeadFormix offers the Marketing Automation 2.0 solution, designed to help marketers convert anonymous online visits into qualified sales leads, and determine web site visitor interest and intent. Designed to drive collaboration between marketing, inside sales and field sales, the solution also features business intelligence and data mining technology.

LeadFormix works with 200 SaaS customers, which will bring the total number of CallidusCloud subscription customers to more than 1,100. LeadFormix customers include NaviSite, Solix, Permabit, EVE, Dynno and Techtra.

"Every CEO on the planet wants more, faster and better quality sales leads,” said Leslie Stretch, President and CEO, CallidusCloud. “Investment in the best, most innovative sales and marketing tools is a number one priority for all businesses. More qualified leads means more deals, and more deals means better sales performance."

The LeadFormix platform is designed to empower sales teams with lead intelligence and prospect information, as well as analytics to help marketing and sales teams identify the right business opportunities to pursue.

"Sales and Marketing collaboration is a hot market,” said Srihari Kumar, CEO, LeadFormix. “LeadFormix' focus on sales and marketing alignment together with CallidusCloud's Sales Collaboration portal, Commissions and Coaching solutions presents a huge opportunity. CallidusCloud's global reach, coupled with its growing customer base, will enable us to quickly capitalize on this opportunity. We look forward to working with CallidusCloud to deliver further value to our customer base as we extend our footprint into new channels and markets."