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CatapultX Aims To Leverage On-Stream Technology To Eliminate Ad Disruption

CatapultX is an audience engagement technology company known for its On-Stream™ Video Monetization and Contextual AI Platform. The On-Stream platform is designed to harness AI to power non-interruptive video ads integrated directly within video content to drive maximum results for advertisers and publishers.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

CatapultX’s proprietary On-Stream technology uses Artificial Intelligence designed to eliminate the interruptive experience consumers have grown to dislike. On-Stream seeks to utilize contextual targeting to complement a video's most engaging moments, allowing for an integrated ad experience. It is designed to perform on the Web, Advanced TV and Live Video using ads without the production effort and cost.

Who It's For

On-Stream is for publishers and advertisers looking to maximize their performance with this new form of video advertising.

What It Solves

On-Stream is a viewer-first ad experience that may be less intrusive to viewers who now don't have to wait to be interrupted during a show or video, especially since 85% of consumers will leave a video once they see a pre-roll. It can allow for more engagement when an ad makes sense and doesn't interrupt, resulting in a better advertising experience.

What Makes It Special

CatapultX's On-Stream advertising aims to complement the publisher's content. Advertising and content in harmony can create a unique viewing experience and potentially increase watch times.